Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Naruto is one of the longest-running anime series of all time, but after nearly 15 years of being on television, the show is ending.

The announcement was made on the show’s official Twitter account today.

This confirms the final episode of the current Naruto journey, Naruto Shippuden, will air tomorrow night.

The studio also tweeted an image from Finale, which can be seen below.

Naruto debuted in October 2002 and lasted until 2007. In 2007, a different version of the show, Naruto Shippuden kicked off and is a series that fans have been watching closely for over a decade.

Naruto focused on the titular character as a child, learning to become a great ninja and eventually training to become the leader of his village, otherwise known as Hodge.

Moreover, naruto Shippuden, on the other hand, follows the character when he becomes a little older, returning to the village after spending a few years.

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Naruto went on for 220 episodes and Naruto Shippuden would end on its 500th episode, making it more than double the original.

Like the anime, the manga that the Naruto show is based on has also ended. A new series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, debuted in spring 2016.

To understand that, let’s take a look at the Naruto universe at the moment.

With the manga ending in November, every single Naruto fan (except anime-only watchers) already knows the resolution of the current 4G ninja battle, as well as the complete ending of the story (deaths, pairs, endgame…).

Next to this, we have Naruto: The Last, a canon film that recounts events prior to the final chapter of the manga and which have already been released in Japan.

Naruto Shippuden Filler List


Based on the events of the previous chapter, another film and manga are also coming in spring.

Oh, and a musical. Originally, the only piece of media that is still talking about ninja warfare is the anime. So 2014!

As both a Naruto anime watcher and manga reader, after reading the end of the manga.

I couldn’t help but wish that they were done with just about everything that was happening in the anime and Animate the final parts that I was interested in.

After all, I was not a huge fan of how I played from this arc.

But then, I’m always impatient to see my favorite parts animated.

However, this anime case is still not far behind (you cannot blame the anime for this!).

Boruto Filler List

The problem comes when they actually put incredibly long flashbacks and filler in the middle of it.

Right now, it is a filler on the Chenin exam, an arc of the original Naruto series.

And yes, you can be a tough-tough Naruto fan and also enjoy the filler because hey, canon or not, it’s more content to gif, vidding and basically enjoy watching.

However, fillers urinate a lot of people. Both anime-only watchers who only want to see how everything ends once and for all and manga readers who want to see the ending animated.

Naruto always not only has a large amount of filler but also flashbacks.

Hell, a few episodes ago we had an entire episode devoted to Gara’s backstory as if we didn’t already know it.

Frequent events in flashbacks are almost always unnecessary and the longer they are, the more they annoy viewers to waste the episode’s time.


Naruto Shippuden Filler List

These are changes that differ from the source material, which are usually adjusted for filler arcs or expansion materials.

Moreover, In the anime, Sasuke, Sakura and their classmates 8 and 10 are presented at the beginning of the story.

Even viewers gave the series a chance — perhaps losing interest in watching more than a hundred episodes.

A long section of filler. For many fans, Masashi Kishimoto is the only writer capable of producing compelling Naruto stories, so they leave the fillers on the theory.

why does naruto have filler

In the manga, before fighting Zabuza for the first time.

Naruto threw two shurikens into the bushes, one of them killing a snow-white rabbit. In the anime, it was not two kunai.

Moreover, in the manga, when Kakashi tells Zabuza that his future is death, he only has his Sharingan eye. In the anime, she has both eyes open.

In the manga, Chidori surrounds the user’s hand in Lightning.

However, In 19 anime, it creates electricity in the palm of the user’s hand. 16

When Shyamaru, Ino, and Choji appear after Neji leaves, Shikamaru is to the left and Choji to the right of Ino, but they change locations after Neji moves. The Kurosaki Family Removal Mission.

As of episode 417, Naruto Shippuden has aired 165 filler episodes. (This is not a straight-forward count, mind you, as some episodes only qualify as partial filler.)

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Combine that with 89 of the original series and translate 254 episodes related to the source material.

Since the typical episode comes in anywhere from two to three manga chapters, it was only a matter of time before anime-origin stories sprang up.

This disturbs the pacing of the main plot, so it is easy to dismiss the filler as it is nothing more than an annoying distraction.

Still, if you make a point of skipping every non-manga-inspired story, you’ll miss some quality anime.

In the manga, after a disguised Kabuto cures Hinata, he knocks Kiba Inuzuka and his dog Akarmar unconscious during the Battle of Naruto and Neji.

M0reover,in the anime, he kicks them out during Sasuke’s fight with Gaara, just as Akamaru recognizes the smell of the kabuto.

Naruto Filler Skipper

In the manga, Sasuke and Kakashi reach the finals shortly after Shukamaru’s match ends.

Eventually, his former owner claimed a disproportionate share of the looted goods, which in fact meant very little gold for the miners.

Unfortunately, the Kurosaki family is not a better employer. Not only have the miners been turned into slaves.

Raiga, the head of the family – easily one of the most volatile villains the series has ever portrayed.

Revels in performing elaborate funerals for his victims, at which he sheds genuine tears and offers heartfelt wishes.

As he says, “When people are alive, they mistreat one another, hate and betray.”

But at a funeral, they forget all their hatred and remember the good times. ”

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

When a fearless group of miners manages to escape the clutches of the miners, they make their way to the Hidden Leaf and push their case to the fifth.

Tsunade immediately tasked Team Guy with a trip to the river’s land to resolve the issue.

Also, he finds her tired walking around the village in the light of Sasuke’s disappearance.

Initially disappointed, Naruto soon changed his tune upon learning that Raiga could be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

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Naruto Summary Before Shippuden

A tenuous connection, but the screenwriters were to somehow acquire the titular character.

En route to the Katabami Goldmine, the ever-so-dumb Rock Lee insists that the group close a pit at the curry restaurant on the roadside.

As it turns out, “Wild Brows” has a history with the restaurant owner. While being busy in a three-day marathon with Might Guy, sleep-deprived Lee collapses in front of the restaurant.

To revive him, Malik Sansho and his demise’s son Karshi feed the poor boy by making a curry decoction with salamanders.

Live turtles, and piles of other rebellious ingredients.

Soon after this culinary witch sampled the wine, Lee woke up and described the dish as “life’s curry”.

Now, in addition to Kurosuki depositing, our heroes have to bring homegrown Sansoo brood.

The makers need anime-origin stories, and Naruto’s world is ripe for more exploration.

For example, only some secondary players in filler get time in the spotlight. (Anime scriptwriters really like Tanten.)

In addition, these origin stories give viewers the chance to explore other countries and shinobi villages not depicted in the original manga.

It is easy to forget that most of the inhabitants of this world are not ninja as the manga-based plot focuses too much on Hidden Leaf Village.

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